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Relevant information:
During the winter season (november-march) our "Bici Alto Adige" or “PapinSport” rental points are closed. As a result, the bikemobil Card will not be available until spring 2021.

The bikemobil Card is a combined ticket which allows you to rent a bike and to make full use of the "altoadigemobilità" public transport network, including the PostBus Switzerland service between Malles and Müstair (CH). It is available for 1, 3 or 7 consecutive days.

Contactless card

New bm Card (Chip on paper)


The bikemobil Card allows you to make full use of the "altoadigemobilità" public transport network on one, three or seven consecutive days.  In addition, on one day of your choice during the expiry date of your bikemobil Card you may rent a bike (only once) at one of the bike rental points, dislocated at the railway stations, in their neighbourhoods, along some bike paths or in various further rental points dislocated throughout the territory and carrying the symbol “Bici Alto Adige” or “PapinSport”.

The bikemobil Card does not allow the bicycle to be carried on public transport.

The public transport network includes:

  • Regional train services in South Tyrol: from Brennero to Trento and from Malles to San Candido/Versciaco
  • Local bus services (urban, extra-urban and citybus services)
  • Renon, San Genesio, Colle, Verano, Meltina and Maranza ropeways
  • Renon tram and Mendola funicular
  • The PostAuto Schweiz bus service between Malles and Müstair.

The bikemobil Card cannot be used on long-distance trains (EC trains, Frecciargento, Italo, etc.).

In every bike rental point in South Tyrol participating in the initiative it is possible to rent and return a high quality standard bike. Feel free to return your bike at a rental point differing from that of departure. It is not allowed to carry the bike on public means of transport.

IMPORTANT: For organisational requirements the rental bikes “Bici Alto Adige” can only be returned to bike rentals points “Bici Alto Adige”. Rental bikes "PapinSport" have to be returned only to a bike rental point "PapinSport".

User instructions

The bikemobil Card is a personal and not transferable ticket. You have to validate it before each journey, in the case of rail journeys, before boarding.

Important note

There are currently two different types of bikemobil Card in circulation, with the following conditions of use.

  • Contactless card: it must be validated by approaching the sensor of the blue obliterating machine, without indicating the destination.  The expiry date appears on the display of the obliterator. Please enter your name and the expiry date on the back of the card (same day, 3 or 7 calendar days from the first validation).
  • Card with magnetic stripe: it must be validated by inserting it in the upper part of the blue obliterating machine, without indicating the destination. With the first validation, the expiry date is printed on the ticket.

From the day of first use, the bikemobil Card is valid for one calendar day, three or seven consecutive calendar days.


Card Adults Junior (under 14 years)
bikemobil 1 day 25,00 Euro 12,50 Euro
bikemobil 3 days 30,00 Euro 15,00 Euro
bikemobil 7 days 35,00 Euro 17,50 Euro

Children under 6 years do not pay and don’t need a ticket for using public transport.

Bike rentals

For further information on bike rentals “Bici Alto Adige”: 

Information on bike rentals “PapinSport”:

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