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List of Frequently Asked Questions
  Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find out the expiry date of my bikemobil Card?


The bikemobil Card is valid for one, three or seven consecutive days starting from the first time you use it. The expiry date will be printed on your ticket at the first validation in buses or train stations. All further validatons won’t be visibile.
Date: 17.5.2011
Do I have to validate my bikemobil Card every time I travel?
Yes, tickets must be validated each time you travel. You are not required to indicate your destination. Except for the first validation on buses or in train stations, validations won’t be visible.
Date: 17.5.2011
What does „Bici Alto Adige“ stand for?
„Bici Alto Adige" is the name of the provincial network of bike rental points in which you may rent a bike with your bikemobil Card. Those bikes are labelled with the „Bici Alto Adige“ logo.
Date: 17.5.2011
Does the bikemobil Card include the bicycle transport on buses or trains?
No, the bikemobil Card includes the bicycle rental only. Since you can return the bike in each one of the rental points “Bici Alto Adige”, the transport on board of public means of transport is not allowed.
Date: 17.5.2011
How many times can I rent a bike with a bikemobil Card?
Each bikemobil Card - whether it is valid for 1, 3 or 7 days - includes just a single bike rental.
Date: 17.5.2011
What can I do if my bikemobil Card is not working?
Contact a ticket office. If the word ‘unleserlich / illeggibile’ (unreadable) is printed on your ticket, it will be replaced free of charge.
Date: 17.5.2011
Where can I buy bikemobil Cards?
You may purchase the bikemobil Card at any South Tyrol Integrated Transport ticket office, as well as at tourist offices and at the railway stations’ bike rentals or in various further rental points dislocated throughout the territory and carrying the “Bici Alto Adige” logo.
Date: 17.5.2011
Is it possible to use long-distance trains with the bikemobil Card?
No, your bikemobil Card is valid only on regional trains within South Tyrol.
Date: 17.5.2011
Where can I buy tickets?
You may purchase your Mobilcard and museumobil Card from any South Tyrol Integrated Transport ticket office, as well as from tourist offices and many hotels.
Date: 27.7.2010
How many times may I use the public transport network?
Mobilcard and museumobil Card give you unlimited journeys.
Date: 27.7.2010
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